About Us

Supermodel Patti Hansen and her longtime friend, producer/manager Molly Madden, loved their bags from when they lived their unbridled lifestyles during the studio 54 era in New York. Their lives and careers moved on and it wasn’t until watching Patti’s daughters, Alexandra and Theodora, regularly exploring Patti’s closet for these great bags that Patti and Molly remembered how much they loved these fabulous bags. They took the idea of re-launching these bags to designer Debi Koppel, the woman behind DKP Designs, and the three of them combined their talents to give these 80’s inspired bags new life.

Our Identity

The Hung on U brand celebrates the unbridled spirit of artistic expression fused with authentic rock’n roll chic. A true Hung on U character is confidently unique, authors their own style, and loves life’s journey, while ever so familiar with the path less traveled.